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Automatic Learning of Gesture Recognition Model Ssing SOM and SVM

In this paper, we propose an automatic learning method for gesture recognition. We combine two different pattern recognition techniques: the Self-Organizing Map (SOM) and Support Vector Machine (SVM). First, we apply the SOM to divide the sample data into phases and construct a state machine. Next, we apply the SVM to learn the transition conditions between nodes. An independent SVM is constructed for each node. Of the various pattern recognition techniques for multi-dimensional data, the SOM is suitable for categorizing data into groups, and thus it is used in the first process. On the other hand, the SVM is suitable for partitioning the feature space into regions belonging to each class, and thus it is used in the second process. Our approach is unique and effective for multi-dimensional and time-varying gesture recognition. The proposed method is a general gesture recognition method that can handle any kinds of input data from any input device. In the experiment presented in this paper, we used two Nintendo Wii Remote controllers, with three-dimensional acceleration sensors, as input devices. The proposed method successfully learned the recognition models of several gestures.


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