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Real-time Hair Simulation on GPU

Overview of the proposed method. (a) The movement of a coarse hair model is simulated using a particle-based simulation. (b) A fine hair model is then generated geometrically using the dynamic wisp model. Dynamic wisp model. (a) Wisp strands are generated around a simulated strand. (b) Static wisp in motion. (c) Dynamic wisp in motion. The shape of wisp and the shape of individual strands are controlled based on the velocities of the simulated hair strand.

In this paper, we present a method for real-time hair animation. We combine a conventional particle-based dynamic simulation and a dynamic hair generation technique. First, the movements of a small number of hairs (coarse model) are simulated using a dynamic simulation. Since this stage uses only a small number of hairs, the simulation is quick. A larger number of hairs (fine model) are then generated from the coarse model using a dynamic wisp model. The shape of a wisp and the shapes of the individual strands are geometrically controlled based on the velocity of the corresponding particle in the coarse model. This model simulates hair-hair interactions between the strands in the hair wisps. Our method is designed to work on a GPU, and generates a realistic hair animation in real-time.
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