Social Events

Tour to RIKEN’s K computer

Date: October 30 (Day 1), Time: 15:45-17:15, Place: RIKEN AICS

K computer is one of the fastest supercomputers in the world. It ranked as the fastest supercomputer at TOP500 competition in 2011 and most recently the fourth-fastest in 2015. K computer is installed at RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science (AICS) which is located at right next to the conference venue. RIKEN kindly offers us a special tour including exhibition of K computer, showing a making video and application to car aerodynamics simulation. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the top supercomputer! More details about K computer are found at RIKEN AICS website:

Please gather at the entrance hall in the conference venue where the registration desk is located by 15:45 on October 30 (Day 1). We will walk to the RIKEN AICS together. Please don’t be late.

Welcome Reception

Date: October 30 (Day 1), Time: 17:15-18:45, Place: 1st Floor Cafeteria at Kobe Port Island Center

Welcome reception will be held at the venue just after the tour to RIKEN. We will offer some light meals and drinks. Meet your colleague and catch up over drinks and snacks!

We will go to the welcome reception right after the tour to RIKEN. If you cannot join the tour to RIKEN but can attend the welcome reception, please go to the 1st floor cafeteria in the conference venue.


Date: October 31 (Day 2), Time: 19:00-21:20, Place: Dinner Crouse in Kobe Bay

Boarding Luminous Kobe-2, the biggest bay cruiser in Japan, you will be able to enjoy fantastic food with gorgeous night views of illuminated Kobe city and rainbow-colored Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge, the largest bridge in the world, from the deco cabin at the top of the ship. Chartered bus service between the venue and the pier close to Kobe downtown will be available.

The chartered bus to the pier leaves from the entrance of the conference venue at 18:10 on October 31 (Day 2). Please don’t be late.