Presentation Guidelines

Please prepare your presentation following the guidelines below. If you have any question or special request, please contact at including your paper ID and title as reference.

Full and Short Papers (Oral Presentation)

  • The presentation time is as follows.
    Full papers have 28 min. presentation (23 min. talk and 5 min. Q &A)
    Short papers have 18 min. presentation (15 min. talk and 3 min. Q &A)
  • Please use your own laptop computer for your presentation.
  • For video output, the video projector has only a VGA input (mini D-sub 15pin). If you are going to use a laptop computer with no VGA output such as MacBook, please bring an appropriate adaptor.
  • The video projector supports both 4:3 aspect ratio (XGA) and 16:10 aspect ratio (WXGA). But we recommend you to prepare your slides in 4:3 aspect ratio. You can use the slide template for fast forward presentation below, if you want to.
  • For audio output, an audio cable with a 3.5mm stereo mini jack is available.
  • A standard lectern, wireless handheld microphone and laser pointer are also provided.
  • Please check the connection between your computer and the project during breaks before your presentation. Also, please introduce yourself to your session chair.

Posters and Demos

Poster Specifications

The poster has to fulfill following specification, which is absolutely required if you would like to entry the competition for the right to be invited to SIGGRAPH ASIA 2015 Posters session.

  • Either Horizontal or vertical
  • A0, 1188mmx840mm, bleed of 3mm aside to the above
  • Minimum 300dpi.

Poster and Demo Presentation

We are planning to provide one surface of a board to hang the poster, a table, and a power cable for each presenter.If you have any special requests for any facilities and demo area, please contact us as soon as possible.

Fast Forward Presentation

  • Fast Forward session will take place in the afternoon of 31st Oct. and will give a chance for you to orally present a very brief summary of your work to all attendees.
  • The presentation of each poster will be allotted exactly 60 seconds to speak. All slides in your presentation must automatically advance to the next one, and the total time should add up to those 60 seconds or less.
  • Right before your presentation starts, a title & authors slide with your information will be shown, which will be shown for exactly 10 seconds. You may start speaking as soon as you arrive at the podium, or you can wait for your first slide to appear.
  • Naturally, this next presenter will also have a title & authors slide lasting 10 seconds, then the 60 seconds of their presentation, then the 10 seconds of the next title & authors slide, and so on.

Fast Forward Slides

  • Windows-based PowerPoint 2013 presentations.
  • Automatic timings for every slide, adding up to 60 seconds or less.
  • Embedded video and audio are welcome.
  • No need for a title/authors slide because we will insert it before your slides.
  • We strongly encourage you to use the slide template [pptx].

Please send your slides via e-mail to Tomohiko Mukai, the Posters & Demos chair [ ] no later than 19th Oct. If the file size is too big to attach to the email, please upload your material anywhere on the web and send the URL to us.